A visual novel with many features! You don't just read, you get to make choices along the way!

A meal sure to satisfy!

  • 30+ hours of story
  • Hundreds of choices to make. Immerse yourself in world of Aloe and Cal!
  • Lovable characters with multiple expressions that will keep you glued to the screen.
  • Simple, intuitive interface. Read without worry!

Prepared with love!

  • Made by one passionate person.
  • A full story created without crowdfunding or outside publishers.

Branching Paths - Create your own dish

At several points in the story you will be presented with choices which allow you to dictate how the story proceeds.

This gives you the opportunity to interact with specific characters which may yield some fun surprises!

Visual novels without paths can be boring can't they? Not with Aloe and Cal! You get to make many choices with a branching storyline that keeps you engaged!