Joypolis - Sweet chocolate cake

A fun food review!

joypolis sweet chocolate cake sonic

On my vacation to Japan one of the places I had to go to was Joypolis in Odaiba. I think of it as a sort of mecca for Sonic the Hedgehog fans. The various attractions and games they had were fun, but I was really there to buy (and try to win) merchandise.

The thing I wanted to get my mitts on the most was the sweet chocolate cake. I've seen pictures of it on the Internet and was always curious how it would taste.

I can't remember the price, but I believe it was roughly 1200 yen.

cake box

After carefully removing the wrapping paper, I was greeted with the box with the text "Rare Chocolate Cake" on it. I wonder what makes it rare exactly. I know that rare cheesecake in Japan are cheesecakes that do not require baking, but the look, texture, and taste of this one tells me it was baked.

choco cake

Here's the cake! It's probably not the prettiest picture huh? It looks much better in person I promise. Honestly though, it looks like any kind of run of the mill chocolate cake you'd see just about anywhere. The little dimple in the center is a chocolate chip.

So I've gone over the looks, how does it taste?

Well, if you've had any type of Japanese (or any Asian style cake) it tastes similar to that. The scent of chocolate is decently strong and it has a very light sweetness that is to my preference. The chocolate chip that studs the top and makes it way towards the center also adds an extra oomph of chocolate flavor.

The texture of the cake is dense and when you place it in your mouth you get a rather thick mouth feel to it. In my opinion, I think it would taste best chilled.. It would give the cake an almost creamy feel to it.

Overall, I'm satisfied with it. Honestly, the packaging already got me as a Sonic fan so even if it tasted bad I'd still like it. However, if this cake was being sold by itself without a video game character on it I probably would not buy it, especially at the price it was being sold.

Stay tuned for more food stuffs!

Of course, Aloe and Cal is still being worked on. :)