Working into the new year!

Hello all, have you been eating well?

I hope that you've been having a wonderful new year so far.

Aloe and Cal has been progressing steadily as always. It's taking longer than I expected, but it's still enjoyable to work on which is what is most important to me. I suppose that's the best part of making something by yourself! No deadlines!

Here's a fun little screenshot from Aloe and Cal that you can enjoy:

Aloe can be kind of pompous can't he? He's still a nice guy underneath it all though!


Always feel free to send me a message on Twitter if you'd like to chat!


Aloe and Cal - Animation

For the first time in my life I made a little animation!

I wanted to take my mind off writing for a bit so I decided to try my hand at animating. It was very fun and I hope to do more! Sure it may look rudimentary to some, but I am proud of myself as I do not have much artistic experience!

The animation is linked below.



The vacation update!

Good afternoon everybody!

I know that updates have been scarce on the website/Twitter/Facebook the last couple weeks, but that was due to me being on vacation! My vacation from work is roughly a month long so I decided to take a trip to Japan! It was an incredible experience! I ate a lot of good food, played in plenty of game centers, and saw many gorgeous sites!

Work on Aloe and Cal will become steady once again. I did a lot of thinking about it during the long plane ride so I am eager to put my ideas into words and drawings.

Please say hello to me on Twitter if you ever feel up to it! Enjoy one of the photos I took at Sensoji Temple in Asakusa!




It's been a while since I've written a post hasn't it?

I hope that you have been well!

Progress on Aloe and Cal remains steady, but my pace will slow down slightly due to a vacation coming up.

Thank you for all of you out there who are interested in this visual novel. Feel free to contact me via Twitter or Facebook!



Have you been eating well?

Aloe and Cal's development has been steady, but I have been taking more breaks than usual due to my primary job.

Writer's block can get to anyone! Even with an outline of how I want the story to proceed getting to those points can be difficult. Crafting distinct, but not outlandish characters is something I hope to achieve.

In other news, I'm doing what I can to hit social media to get the word out there about Aloe and Cal! Food plays a huge role in the story so of course, I gotta write about food sometimes!

Please enjoy a picture I took of a lobster roll I had a while ago! As delicious as the lobster was, the bread is what seals the deal for me! :)