Aloe and Cal’s story is finally finished!

Aloe and Cal’s story is finally finished!

After almost three years, I have finally finished writing Aloe and Cal! If I were to release it now, you would have the entire story and all of its choices. It is fully functional, from beginning to end, complete with branching paths.

Here are some quick notes that I took if you want more of an insider look:

Day project started: July 13, 2015

Amount of time writing script: 2853 hours (118 straight days!)

Number of choices: 2965 (Each of these choices having unique dialogue or leading to different events taking place)

Number of food/drink referenced: 446

Number of characters (including the player): 8

Number of in-game days written: 274

Those are some large numbers aren’t they? It’s crazy to me that I was actually able to do all of this! Now, what’s left for me to do?

The first and most important thing to me is that I need to draw more. I want to add more art so that my readers can easily connect to my characters. After that is taken care of, I will work hard on the nuts and bolts of Aloe and Cal. Things like spelling errors, awkward sentences, and the UI will be tweaked as needed.

For those of you who have been waiting for updates on Aloe and Cal, I thank you. I hope to be able to release it soon. Right now, I’m estimating a release of Winter 2018. It may release sooner, it may release later, but I want you to know that I am continually working hard on creating the best visual novel I can.

I leave you with my most recent drawing I did of Aloe and Cal. Please enjoy it and look forward to seeing more in the future!